InterContinental Burswood, Perth, Australia

All round, not a bad hotel though it is showing it’s age somewhat when you look carefully.

InterContinental Burswood is right next to the Burswood Casino in Perth, just across the Swan River from the Perth CBD.

The room was spacious and well appointed like all the InterContinental Hotels I’ve stayed at.

I had a river view room, so had a nice view of the Swan River and the Perth CBD.

As I was somewhat buggered after the flight and time difference, I decided to avail myself to the room service menu and had a rather decent chargrilled bread with dips, and beef rendang.

The bad

  1. A very crappy, old TV. I guess I’m used to large flat screen TVs now, so the TV that is smaller than that one I have at home was a disappointment
  2. The alarm on the super duper phone didn’t go off, luckily I had a backup or I would have missed my meeting!

Would I stay here again? Yes, on someone elses dime, it was a little bit on the pricey side.