It’s been a day of eating and drinking, across and between two countries

I’m off to New Zealand for a training course for a week, Auckland to be exact. So this morning started off in Melbourne, where I got up at an uncivilized 8am (for a Sunday) and ended up in my hotel in Auckland… and along the way I’ve had a heap of pretty good food.

The day started off bright and early, the day, not me… I just started off early with a couple of coffees to try to get the senses turned on… finished my packing, got a hire car to the airport and half way there I had a sneaking suspicion in my mind that I’d left the air conditioning on, so back home we go… thank God we did as it would have been a fridge in my apartment when I got home next week. Anyway, make it to the airport, a little later than I should have, and join the queue to check in, and then it’s off to the first class lounge.

Feed #1 – Melbourne

The first feed for the day was at the Qantas first class lounge. It was brunch for me and consisted of a rather decent BLT (made with sun dried tomatoes, which was a nice touch) and a couple of coffees, topped off with an OK strawberry doughnut and a pineapple juice… I’m officially awake by the time we board the plane.

Feed #2 – in flight

On our way to Auckland from the big west island, I’d upgraded myself on points so I got a better seat, better grog and a decent feed. A champagne before take-off and a bourbon and coke after was getting me right in the mood. A choice of two meals was offered chicken and pork. Chose the pork with braised red cabbage and a garlic potato mash (guess I won’t be getting a kiss today!) accompanied by a couple of glasses of a pretty good 2007 Spy Valley Pinot Noir from the NZ South Island city of Marlborough. Followed up by vanilla ice cream and biscotti, and a Baileys of Glenrowan Founder Liqueur Muscat. A small glass of Cointreau polished me off.

After feeling the effects of my over indulgence, a hot chocolate got me back in track just as we started our descent into Auckland.

Feed #3 – Auckland

Surprisingly, I was feeling peckish when I arrived at my hotel. Couldn’t be bothered venturing too far, so decided on room service. A fairly decent beef burger with added egg and bacon arrived soon, along with a glass of Kim Crawford Merlot from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

Suffice to say, I’m full and its now time to sleep this all off!