Ibis, Perth, Australia

Anyone else find it incredibly hard to get a hotel in Perth even if you try to book 2 or 3 weeks in advance?

Being a Gold member of Accor’s Le Club I’ve been trying to stay at their stable of hotels of late so I can collect more points.

In Perth we’re able to stay at the Ibis hotel on Murray St.

Murray Street is a mix of cafes, bars and nightclubs. It can get a bit hairy at night (I saw drugs openly being dealt across the road from one of the nightclubs one evening) but is fine and well frequented during the day.

The hotel is reasonable despite is low cost character. No room service or laundry (though you can DIY).

Rooms are clean but cramped and some of the services seem to have been put in the most random of places in the room. For example, in the room I stayed in last time the cable for the internet connection had to me stretched all the way across the room from between the beds to the desk! Why not simply put the internet connection in each room at the desk?

One thing I did notice is that the beds are extremely comfortable. I guess when you can charge upwards of $250++ for a basic room then the least you can do for your lodgers is make sure that the beds are new and comfortable.

The breakfast buffet is reasonable for its cost and has a good basic selection of hot and cold options and a magnificant coffee machine!

The attached bar, Rubix, is probably more expensive for a beer and food than surrounding bars, but you can pop the bill on your room tab so its convenient.

All round its a reasonable hotel for what it costs and I’ve been able to get a room most times that I’ve tried.

Its a quick walk from the hotel to most places in the Perth CBD and the staff are quite good.