Bridge, Singapore

I’d just gotten off the plane and thrown my bags in my room at the Swissotel Stamford and decided to head out somewhere I’d not been before for a couple of beers and a bite to eat.

I headed to Seah Street just on the other side of Raffles Hotel and came across a small place called Bridge.

I probably arrived close to 7pm, and it was just me and the 2 bar staff. There’s probably a couple of reasons why the place was so empty at 7pm on a Saturday evening:

  1. I don’t think things really get started until much later in the evening, and
  2. the beer delivery that was expected hadn’t arrived.

The good thing was that I had my pick of the seats and chose to sit at the bench out the front on Seah Street to watch the world go by.

A plus with not having the standard beers available was that I got to try something I probably never would have tried otherwise. It was a Ruby Beer called Hopgoblin from Wychwood Brewery in the UK and it was very good. And by Singapore standards wasn’t overly expensive at S$12 for a stubby.

Between beers I decided to try the Bridge Wings from the specials board. From memory the plate had around 6 wings with spicy sauce, and tasted decent. Well worth the S$10.

They open for Lunch and Dinner, and its a nice place to relax even though you’re less 100m from the hustle and bustle of North Bridge & Beach Roads.

Their URL is

Highly recommended and you can’t beat the price!

And it was still just me and the 2 bar staff when I left at 8:30pm 🙂