Magic Mountain Saloon, Melbourne, Australia

I didn’t even know that place existed until a friend suggested that we meet there for a late lunch.

Magic Mountain Saloon is a Thai / Australia fusion restaurant. The meals are just scrumptious!

Magic Mountain Saloon, Melbourne, Australia

We went for a variety of appetisers to share.

First dish was Potted Duck, Spiced Pineapple Relish & Sweet Onion Roti which was beautifully cooked, finely chopped duck that you spread onto the roti and then covered with the pineapple relish. Superb!

Second dish we ordered were Garlic Chive & Water Spinach Dumpling with Black Vinegar & Chilli Soy Sauce. Absolutely sublime to eat.

Lastly we’d ordered the Curried Rice & Mozzarella Balls with a Coriander & Avocado Sauce which were also a good dish.

Highly recommended if you’re up the top end of Little Collins Street.

And the wine and cocktail list is pretty good too if that’s your poison.