Fatt’s Place, Kowloon, Hong Kong

We were in Hong Kong for our last evening and went to a place in Kowloon I was trying to get to during my last trip called Fatt’s Place.

Fatt’s Place is a bar that opens out onto Hart Avenue – a good place to look at the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong while you have a drink.

When we got there mid afternoon and there were only a few of us, probably half a dozen. Table service had our beers in front of us pretty quick smart along with a bucket of peanuts.

It’s pretty down market, concrete floors and rickety tables. When you shell your peanuts you just throw the empty shells on the floor!

There is a very good selection of international beers on the menu to chose from and a small kitchen in the corner for fresh cooked food like burgers and pizzas – though we didn’t eat.

A bit of a divey, local bar that’s worth atleast one drink if you’re in the area.