Ramen & Tonkatsu, Capitol Piazza, Singapore

This was the Japanese restaurant I was trying to find when I stumbled across Ah Yat Kitchen.

After I left Ah Yat Kitchen I found another set of escalators that would take me down to B2 where I finally found the restaurant I was originally looking for called Ramen & Tonkatsu.

As the snack at Ah Yat Kitchen didn’t fill me up all that much I decided I might as well try a Katsu Curry Set before jumping on the train to the airport.

There was also an OktoberFEST special on for a slightly reduced price of beer – 2 glasses for $10 rather than ~$11. I’ll never whinge about a discount for beer.

The first beer came out pretty quickly followed about 10 minutes later with the tray containing my Pork Katsu Curry Set containing a smallish pork katsu, curry sauce with rice, miso soup, cabbage and pickles. Presentation was as per what you’d expect in Japan.

I really loved the miso soup, it tasted great. If I’d had more time I could have just had miso for hours.

The pork katsu itself was on the very small side. It would have been close to half the size of the serving you’d get at any restaurant in Japan. Despite the size the taste of the katsu and the curry sauce was pretty good, as were the pickles.

The cabbage was fresh, but I didn’t need the extra filler, so only had a mouthful or two.

Overall, taste wise it was a decent meal. But the pork katsu was just too small to justify the $21.80 sticker price.

Look for a cheaper, better option.