Kanoya, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

I was in Ueno after visiting Asakusa and started feeling peckish. I stumbled across a yakitori restaurant and had what would turn out to be my last yakitori meal in Japan this trip, and what would also turn out to be my first of two lunches today.

Ueno is a very touristy area. Being touristy it was easy to find places with an English menu. It wasn’t that busy as I was walking though about midday – probably because it was blisteringly hot.

Again I was seated at the counter overlooking the kitchen area so I could see all the action.

I quickly ordered a selection of chicken, pork and leek yakitori and the requisite beer to quench my thirst.

I watched my meal being cooked and soon I had my piping hot food which I devoured quite quickly.

Decent tasting meal and extremely reasonably priced.