Le Saint Séverin, Saint Michel, Paris, France

In Saint Michel you will see the name Severin everywhere… streets, a church, restaurants. Severin was a hermit who lived on the banks of the Seine and the current day Church of Saint-Séverin is built over his tomb.

After a big lunch, a couple of beers, and a crepe & wine for afternoon tea I wasn’t ready to venture out for dinner until quite late. So it wasn’t until about 8 that I stepped out into the cold and darkness to find a meal.

I’d originally planned on going to La Grange Saint Michel but that was boarded up tight. Further down the street was a restaurant that was packed so I had a quick look at the menu and decided to dine here. it is called Le Saint Séverin.

Stepping inside I found a vibrant french restaurant and I was seated beside the front windows that allowed me to see the throngs passing by on the street.

I ordered the standard French Onion Soup for starters and, as I’m always a sucker for duck, ordered a Duck with Pepper dish. For drinks I ordered a half litre, well 460mls actually, of the Castle of Corcelles Beaujolais.

My wine and bread was delivered while I waited for my soup. I wolfed down the bread as it was just so tasty.

Soup arrived, pretty good. Decent taste but much like all the other French Onion Soups I’d had so far.

However, the duck… my, oh my, that was a good dish! The duck was perfectly cooked and came on a bed of the best roasted potatoes I have ever had! I’m guessing that the potatoes were first boiled to soften them, then cut into slices and then smothered in duck fat while they roasted. The result was a crispy potato slice that were fluffy inside! Just magnificent.

Given how much I’d already eaten today I didn’t partake of any desserts.

Service-wise the place is just ok… several times I tried to get their attention to be told that they weren’t my waiter. And at the end of the meal when I asked for the bill that took way to long to arrive. Maybe I just hit the place at it’s busiest time.

You’ll get decent food, I hope you get better service.