Le 1925, Bordeaux, France

After a bit of a walk around Bordeaux it was time for lunch and as I was walking close to the Girondins Monument I saw a restaurant called Le 1925. A quick check online showed that it had a very good reputation, so in I went and was promplty seated.

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Le Grand Café, Bordeaux, France

I’d wandered around the windy streets of Bordeaux for an hour or so and decided that I’d stop in at a cafe for a coffee. I stumbled across Le Grand Café and it had a covered patio area so I settled in.

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Comptoir Sainte Croix (Poulhouse), Bordeaux, France

After a siesta back at my hotel. I checked the reviews for restaurants around Gare de Bordeaux Saint-Jean but nothing took my fancy. Expanding my search area a little I found a restaurant around 400m from my hotel that had some decent reviews called Comptoir Sainte Croix.

It was pretty quiet on a Thursday evening with just two other tables eating and a couple of people having a drink outside.

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The Charles Dickens, Bordeaux, France

After getting back into central Bordeaux from the Cité du Vin on the ferry and having a bit of a walk around the centre of the city I started feeling a little thirsty so I pulled out my phone to look for a pub that was open.

Google maps pointed me towards a place close to the river called The Charles Dickens which is part of a chain on pubs across France.

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Cité du Vin, Bordeaux, France

On my first morning in Bordeaux I’d jumped on the tram out to the Cité du Vin, a museum devoted to wines. It was very interesting. I got in for free by buying a city pass which is a Bordeaux wide transport ticket as well as giving free or discounted entry to lots of attractions.

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