O’Kane Vietnamese Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve always been partial to Vietnamese food. Melbourne has some great Vietnamese restaurants and O’Kane Vietnamese Restaurant on Sydney Road is one of those.

This post dates from New Years Eve 2019. I’d had a couple of beers with a mate at the Cornish Arms before we headed out to find dinner.

Surprisingly quite alot of restaurants were closed in the area so we decided to just walk up Sydney Road to see what was on offer.

We didn’t have to walk too far as on the same block as the Cornish is O’Kane Vietnamese Restuarant. We had a quick look at the menu and decided to head on in.

The restaurant was very busy and there were many reserved tables when we entered but there were two down the back that weren’t reserved luckily so we got a table.

A quick once over of the menu and we decided on the 6 course banquet. We chose

  • Prawn springrolls
  • Salt and pepper calimari
  • Green papaya salad
  • Beef in betel leaves skewers
  • Chicken stir fry with rice
  • For desert I had the fried ice cream, my mate the a grilled banana

They didn’t skimp on the food with each course being 2 serves of the normal size dishes. To say we were stuffed at the end is an understatement.

The taste of all the dishes was excellent and took me back to my time in Vietnam.

The service was a little subpar though. Twice when a new course came out they just plopped it beside the obviously finished previous course’s plate rather take the empty plates away meaning the tables became rather crowded. Also, when desert was served my mate got his grilled banana but no spoon, so his desert sat there for 5 minutes or so until mine was served and we both got spoons.

Good food that is great value for money.