Why are PayPal customer support people such incompetent retards???

PayPal customer support… what fucking useless moronic retards!

Wikipedia tells us that the number of English speakers in the world number somewhere between 500 million and 1.8 billion, taking into account people who speak English as first their language or as a secondary language.

It’s just a pity that none of those English speakers seem to work at PayPal.

I’m sure they just send canned, useless responses to your questions so that you eventually give up and go away.

So, what’s my issue?

Well, my account got “limited” by these idiots over the weekend… no idea why, I put it down to general incompetence. They made me jump through a couple of hoops to get my account reinstated, the last of which is that they charge your credit card and you need to enter the reference number for the transaction in the website.

Throughout the process, their website, and the e-mail they send you, states quite simply, in simple, clear, unequivocal English that that money they take from your card will be refunded to your credit card once the process is complete.

Here’s what they say, word for word:

PayPal has charged a small, refundable amount to the card, which will appear on the card statement along with a unique four-digit code.

Fair enough, that’s simple, we charge you, and we refund you. Given those words and the context in which they are used any reasonable person would understand this to mean that the refund goes back to the source of the money, that is, your credit card.

Well, apparently its not that simple to the PayPal support monkeys! Despite what they say on their website and in the e-mail they send, they outright REFUSE to refund the money to your credit card. They will only credit it to your PayPal account.

And why is refunding to PayPal bad? I’m glad you asked!

  1. They take money from your credit card so you will get charged interest at some rate between 10% and 20%
  2. They keep YOUR money in PayPal but do not pay you interest (yet they make interest on your money!)
  3. In Australia, if you want to withdraw less that $150 from your PayPal account PayPal charge you $1 for the privilege, so you can’t even get all of your own money back from PayPal.

Totally unethical and incompetent.

Have asked for this to be raised to the Complaint Manager so I can then escalate this to the Financial Ombudsman.


Everyone misses a bill now and then. Last month it was my turn to miss paying my credit card on time, so the scum at HSBC decided to levy, and how’s this for a name, a “late payment reminder fee”… lol… some marketing genius probably got paid a fortune to come up with that gem! The name might be meaningful if they actually contacted you to remind you to pay your bill… but no, this is a fee for putting one line on your next statement slugging you $30.

In the past banks have been known to gouge phenomenal fee from customers, fees that greatly exceed the actual cost/loss that the is incurred by paying your credit card bill a couple of days late. Most proper banks in Australia have seen the light that they cannot keep gouging money from their customers. Unfortunately HSBC still thinks that they can charge people this unconscionable fee because they are a big bank… they’ll learn.

The thing is, in Oz, only the Government can fine you… banks can’t… they can only recover their actual costs… so, a $30 fee for putting a line on a statement is unconscionable in anyone’s book (apart from HSBCs!) as $30 exceeds the actual cost by atleast an order of magnitude.

Note, I have no problems with paying the interest on the account that I missed (and I have paid it), but I refuse to pay $30 for HSBC to do absolutely nothing apart from putting a “late payment reminder fee” on my statement.

I sent a letter of complaint to HSBC and got back the most useless form letter I’ve seen in a while. Apparently whenever someone misses a payment, or as they call it “this account behavior”, on one of their credit cards, HSBC needs to MANUALLY review all your accounts (I don’t have any other accounts with HSBC… never will either!) and they also have to “telephone correspondence between us and other institutions”. Please… do they take us all for morons… I can bet you pennies to pounds that NOONE even looked at my account before they slapped me with that fee!

Well, I’m not going down without a fight on this one. Since they’ve asserted that they needed to manually review my accounts, and also needed to “telephone correspondence between us and other institutions” they can prove it to me! I’ve raised a complaint against HSBC with the Financial Ombudsman asking them to get HSBC to prove that their costs/loss by me paying my account a couple of days late were $30. If they can’t I have demanded that the fee be reimbursed.

The funny things is that it’s going to cost HSBC hundreds of dollars to defend their dodgy $30 fee.

I’ll keep you all updated.

UPDATE 6 Jan ’10: Already have a new VISA credit card lined up with my Credit Union MECU. And no yearly fee!

UPDATE 7 Jan ’10: The Financial Ombudsman has given me a case number. I need to send in the paper work. Will do this over the weekend

UPDATE 8 Jan ’10: HSBC have rolled over and refunded the “late payment reminder fee” as soon as the Financial Ombudsman sent my complaint. They used the old “gesture of goodwill” defense to say that they were always right but they wanted me to go away. Anyway, they’ll be getting the ‘fuck off’ phone call in a week or two once I’ve changed all my direct debits.

Moral of the story is that these banks have no right to charge such exorbitant fees and when challenged will back down!