Eden Hotel Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I stayed here last year, and despite the small room on that occassion I decided to stay again because of the great location.

I had a larger room this year and what looked like a renovated bathroom. The room also had a double bed and while the room looked out into an internal courtyard, the courtyard was larger, so there was more natural light.

A good stay in a decent middle tier hotel but there was one wrinkle to my stay unfortunately.

I bagged up my laundry and dropped it in at reception before the 9am cutoff. When I got back that evening there was no laundry in my room… went down to reception and asked if laundry should be back yet, they said yes and they went looking. Seems they didn’t bother to send it off that morning and they weren’t being helpful with a resolution. First they said they’d send it tomorrow (meaning a 32 hour service rather than a 8 hour service) and the next person just tried to give me back my dirty laundry!

I asked the speak to the night manager and was told they’d call me… I knew they were trying to fob me off so I said that I was happy to wait at the front desk for them. About 15 minutes go by and the night manager comes out and says that they’ll wash my laundry in house overnight and they’d have it to me in the morning.

So I had my clean laundry back around 8:30am the next morning, and to make amends I wasn’t charged.

So despite the stuff up, I liked that they took ownership (eventually) and came up with a good outcome.

I will stay here again.