Benchwarmer, Melbourne, Australia

With Melbourne out of the third COVID lockdown I decided to head over to Benchwarmer to grab some takeaway craft beers, have a beer and to try their new, Japan inspired menu

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Tokyo 7 Japanese Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

With Melbourne in a snap, five day COVID lockdown, I decided to try takeaway from a closeby Japanese restaurant called Tokyo 7.

The restuarant is between A’Beckett and Franklin Streets down a new laneway called Frederick Way. Frederick Way comes out on Franklin Street just opposite the Queen Victoria Market.

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Hakoya Izakaya, Melbourne, Australia

I’d tried eating here a couple of times but it was always booked out, so today as I walking with a mate to grab a drink I suggested that we pop in and try to book a table for dinner and managed to grab a table for 7:30.

And I’m glad we did as Hakoya Izakaya is one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve eaten in outside Japan.

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Hana’s Kitchen, Melbourne, Australia

After 112 days of lockdown Melbourne has started to rouse from it’s slumber. A couple of us were looking to get out and about in the slowly opening city.

We ended up at Hana’s Kitchen for a Japanese meal.

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NikuNiku, Melbourne, Australia

A Japenese restaurant opened up closeby a couple of years ago. I’d visited a couple of years ago and had some really decent yakitori so as I was out in town one evening I thought we might as well give it another try.

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