Hakoya Izakaya, Melbourne, Australia

I’d tried eating here a couple of times but it was always booked out, so today as I walking with a mate to grab a drink I suggested that we pop in and try to book a table for dinner and managed to grab a table for 7:30.

And I’m glad we did as Hakoya Izakaya is one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve eaten in outside Japan.

The menu is pretty impressive with a good selection of dishes.

There is an ipad on each table with the menu, and you also place your order through the ipad. It’s a pretty slick way of ordering.

Onto the food.

We started with a serve of edamame to accompany our beer while we looked through the menu.

We then ordered Pork Gyoza, Chicken Kaarage and Tempura Prawns. And all were absolutely magnificent.

For my main course I went for the Wagyu Don which tasted absolutely superb, while my mate went for the Unagi Don. The dish sizes are also very generous.

Overall Hakoya Izakaya is a great restaurant which explains why it was always booked out and if you like Japanese food you should do yourself a favour and dine here.