Craft Beer Tap, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

It was my penultimate day in Tokyo and had decided to head over to Akihabara to check out the gadget shops on a Sunday afternoon.

My primary destination was Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba just across the road from Akihabara station.

Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba is a huge store – 9 floors (above ground) in total. On the top floor is a driving range and a baseball batting practice area!

But of more interest to me was floor 8, as that’s the restaurant floor. And amongst the 30 or so establishments was one called Craft Beer Tap.

Craft Beer Tap is pretty much as it names suggests, a restaurant / bar that offers a great menu of local Japanese craft beers, as well as a decent selection of imported beers.

There would have been around 20 beers available on tap but I wanted to try Japanese beer so stayed away from the imports and the bartender pointed me to the special tap which was a locally brewed IPA.

I perused the food menu while I was waiting but since I’d had my fill of yakitori in Ueno only 90 minutes or so before I skipped getting a meal.

In all I had two of the IPAs and taste-wise the beer was great though in hindsight totally overpriced at ¥1250 (~AU$15) for 330ml. I was getting pints (PINTS!) of Japanese craft beer at Ark Hills for ¥900!

There are far better value places to go for a drink in Tokyo so you should do as I will do in future and give this place a wide berth.