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Fatt’s Place, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Just down the road from The Hart hotel is Fatt’s Place, a bar with a decent beer selection, good food choices, and quite well priced.

I visited Fatt’s last time I was in Hong Kong and, as I had to check out of my hotel at 1pm and wasn’t flying out of Hong Kong until midnight, I decided to pop in for lunch and a couple of beers so I didn’t get wet during the passing rain.

The bar itself is quite small. Maybe 15 metres by 15 metres and probably has less than 25 tables. It opens directly onto Hart Avenue. At the back is the bar and to the right the kitchen. As is normal there was table service.

For my meal I decided on a Chow Yun burger which is a 150g beef burger with guacamole and hickory smoked bacon.

The real surprise is the beer list,  how extensive it is, and how good the beers are!

I started off with a bucket of refreshing Hoegaarden as it was warm (29) and humid due to the rain. It was only then that I noticed other tables ordering some more “exotic” beers and decided to go a little more up market.

I then settled down for a couple of Duvel’s and a Chimay Blue before deciding that I needed to stay sober enough to get to the airport for my flight to Paris.

The beers were superb and the burger tasty and filling and the prices for the burger and beer was very reasonable.

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Hung Lee Kitchen, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

After checking in at Hart Hotel I wanted to revisit a close by restaurant I’d previously visited by the name of Hung Lee Kitchen.

It was probably close on 8 or 8:30pm by the time I walked in. The restaurant was still busy but there were spare seats so I was quickly seated in a booth and given a menu.

I immediately ordered a long neck of Tsing Tao while I decided what I wanted to eat.

By the time my bottle of beer arrived I’d decided to have a combination of crispy roast pork and roast goose with a bowl of white rice.

Quite quickly my dishes arrived and I dived into two of my favorite meats.

Goose is a relatively expensive meat but it’s certainly worth the extra cash.

Hung Lee Kitchen is certainly worth a visit if you like good Chinese food and are in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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Hart Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

After the quick train ride on the Airport Express from Hong Kong International Airport to Kowloon station followed by a short taxi ride I was at my hotel in the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui neighbourhood of Kowloon.

Hotel reception is on the 10th floor, so up I went in the lifts that looked like they were being refurbished. The reception area has a modern, industrial feel and the staff were friendly and efficient.

Access to guest floors needs you to swipe your access card which is good as the lifts open up almost directly onto the street on the ground floor. There is, however, an art to swiping your card and pressing the floor number. I just employed the swipe, press, swipe, press method until my floor was selected.

The rooms are very small. I had 2 double beds which took up probably 70% of the wooden floor space.

In the corner of the room is the “bathroom” that consists of  a clear glass door that opens into the toilet cubicle. Given I was in a double room, if you were sharing you’d want to know the other room occupant very, very well, as there’s no privacy while you’re sitting on the crapper.

To have a shower you proceeded through the toilet cubicle into the shower cubicle, and then closed the second clear glass door behind you.

If the curtains in the room windows were open the inhabitants of the the building opposite would get a quite regular, and very disturbing, eyeful. The only saving grace is that it was almost impossible to open the curtains as that required me to climb over one of the beds to get access to them.

The walls between the rooms are quite thin and you can hear everything that your neighbours say and do.

On the plus sides, the hotel wifi was excellent and you can’t fault the location. Walking out of the lifts you have access to hundreds of restaurants and you’re only a 5 minutes walk from the bustling thoroughfare of Nathan Road (and the associated touts 🙁 ).

For a quick, one night stopover with easy access to transportation, food and shopping this is a decent place.

But if I were staying in Hong Kong for more than a night I would find the rooms too claustrophobic and would need to stay elsewhere.

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Eastside Tavern, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

It seems that this bar has changed hands since I was last here.

The first inkling I had that something was up was when the bar wasn’t opening as early as it used to and there were signs on the door saying that they didn’t accept credit cards whereas they had before.

It was a Sunday afternoon and a mate and I were looking for somewhere to watch the Hawthorn v Richmond AFL match. I’d popped in on the way back to my hotel the night before to ask if we could watch the game here and they said yes, as long as it was being broadcast.

We duly arrived after spending the morning up at Sham Shui Po geeking out a little to find the Essendon v Brisbane match on the TVs, so we thought we were set for an afternoon of beers and footy. It wasn’t busy, probably half a dozen people, a majority, if not all were Australian.

Two pints of Asahi were duly ordered as we settled in. The Essendon v Brisbane match drew to towards its conclusion as pints of Carlsberg and Kronenbourg were ordered and then an NRL match came on the TV… Sigh… they broadcast the crap Essendon v Brisbane match but not the Hawthorn v Richmond match.

I didn’t look to see if the food menu had changed as we’d been eating all morning but the beer menu was still full of good choices.

We decided to decamp and head back towards the more touristy area of Tsim Sha Tsui.

I asked for the bill and pulled out my credit card to see what they would say. They asked for cash but I said I preferred to pay by card and they magically found their credit card terminal – so much for not taking credit cards!

We headed over to Fatt’s Place for a couple more beers and to then find somewhere to eat.

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The Hair of the Dog, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Just around the corner from Fatt’s Place is another small bar called The Hair of the Dog. There are two bars of this name in the area but the one we visited is on Hart Avenue not the one on Chatham Road.

We got here around 7:30pm on a Friday evening after jumping off the ferry from Macau and it was pretty full with the after work crowd. We did manage to snaffle a table right by the door looking out into Hart Avenue.

The list of beers was OK with the old standards of Carlsburg, Stella and Hoegaarden all available. There’s no food available in house but you can order from across the road and they’ll deliver it to your table.

We were back here on Saturday afternoon as well after exploring Central and The Peak.

A much nicer place than Fatt’s around the corner.

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