Rooftop at QT, Melbourne, Australia

The QT Hotel on Russell St, where the Greater Union movie theatres used to be, has a modern rooftop bar called Rooftop at QT.

To get to the bar, enter the hotel and just behind reception are the lifts. Head up to the top floor and you’ll find a large bar with an open north facing patio area that has good views over the northern CBD.

After work it can get quite busy and seats can be a premium, but later on in the evening it won’t be so crowded.

This is a standard hotel bar, with standard hotel prices, that will see you paying a premium over the price of the same beer at a pub around the corner.

Beerwise the selection is disappointing with a stock standard, run of the mill, menu. If you want to try something non-mainstream this isn’t your place.

My recommendation is to pop up, grab a beer and admire the view, then head to any of the other great rooftop bars, like Loop Roof or Bomba and enjoy a better selection of beers.