Go Go Curry, Kanazawa, Japan

Armed with a 1:46pm Shinkansen ticket to Nagano and a late checkout from my hotel I wanted a decent lunch before my train trip.

As I’ve said before train stations in Japan are mini cities – heaps of shops and restaurants and I don’t mean crap restaurants like McDonalds or KFC, but quality restaurants that you’d be happy to eat at any day.

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Torisyoumaru, Kanazawa, Japan

My last night in Kanazawa after a busy day out walking had me looking for a decent restaurant and a beer or two.

On the north west side of Kanazawa station there’s an annex of sorts with a couple of floors of restaurants. Up on the third floor I found an Izakaya (Japanese restaurant/pub) that had a great menu.

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Pino, Kanazawa, Japan

I stumbled across an interesting place after visiting the Ninja Temple while I was walking through the laneways of Kanazawa as I was looking for the Casa Samurai Nomura.

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Akanedoki Kanazawaekimae, Kanazawa, Japan

After having 2 lunches and a siesta I was looking for a later dinner than I normally have, so a search for somewhere near the hotel was in order.

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Chibo, Kanazawa, Japan

After the Beef and Egg rice at Shiroyamatei I did a quick explore of Kanazawa Castle and the gardens then headed off towards Omi-cho Market to have a look before it wound down for the day.

From Omi-chi Market I headed towards Kanazawa Station and my hotel looking for a snack. I made it all the way back to the station without finding much (it was after lunch hours) so decided to head into the Kanazawa Forus shopping complex. In Japan all shopping complexes have a floor or 2 of restaurants – it’s normally either the basement or somewhere near the top – in this case it was the 6th floor.

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