Oeuf, Toyama, Japan

The review sites and the map of Japanese craft beer bars pointed me towards Oeuf so I jumped on the tram from outside my hotel and around 25 minutes later I was walking down the side street towards Oeuf.

It was getting dark as I walked up the stairs at around 5:30 and then I entered an empty bar – just me and the staff. Oh well…

I perused the beer menu and wasn’t overwhelmed but I thought I should stay and see if the place picked up a little so I ordered a Minoh Peach Sour Ale and a small dish of 3 sausages.

The beer was OK and quenched my thirst. The sausages were so-so.

As I finished my beer around 6:15pm I was still the only person in the place so I decided to settle up and find somewhere else for dinner. Stay tuned!

Craft Beer Market, Toramonom, Tokyo, Japan

I’d arrived in Tokyo the previous evening for my 4th holiday in Japan and after exchanging my JR Pass I’d hopped on the Yamanote Line heading towards Shimbashi Station and started walking back towards my hotel.

As I was heading through Toramonom I bought up the magnificent map of Japanese craft beers to see what was on offer and open for lunch in the area which pointed me towards a bar that I visited during my last trip, Craft Beer Market, Toramonom.

I was the first in the door around 11:45am and was offered a seat at the bar. Within about 15 minutes though the place was packed!

There were several lunch deals available so I chose the spicy curry (which was pork), salad and soup. The soup and salad turned up pretty quickly, and the curry about 10 minutes later. The meal was extremely tasty and not over-the-top spicy.

Of course you can’t eat at the Craft Beer Market and not have a drink, so I chose a New England IPA from Sennan Schinken Factory based in Kakuda in Miyagi Prefecture. It was a relatively good brew.

Fung Ming Yuen, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Fung Ming Yuen is a typical Chinese eatery in East Tsim Sha Tsui on the ground floor of New Mardarin Plaze Block A overlooking the concrete Centenerary Garden.

It’s certainly not the best food in the area by any stretch of the imagination but it’s OK, not too expensive and have cheap long necks of Tsing Tao.

They do have English on the menu but the staff have very limited spoken English so if you have a question you’re out of luck. I asked what sort of meat was on the mixed meat dish and was told that I’d get whatever the cook gave me! Or atleast that’s what I think was said and what was delivered.

The meat dish was ok apart from the foul Chinese sausage that I just couldn’t stomach – thank god I had the beer to get that taste out of my mouth!

There’re many places within a 5 minute walk from here that will give you a much nicer meal.

Café Marcella, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My time in Amsterdam was coming to a close so for my last lunch I decided to find a small cafe by a canal for a bite to eat and a couple of beers after doing a circuit on one of the canal boats.

I jumped off at the Hermitage Amsterdam and headed over the Skinny Bridge made famous in the James Bond movie “Diamonds are forever” in 1971.

I headed towards the Amstelsluizen, the impressive sluice gates across the Amstel, and turned down the north side of Prinsengracht. It was a delightful walk in the warm Amsterdam spring weather.

After about 10 minutes I stopped at Café “Marcella” and small cafe with an outdoor area on the canal and I sat down at a table that had just been vacated.

After having heard about the Dutch Croquettes several times during the week I thought I’d better give this traditional dish a try.

About 10 or 15 minutes later out came 2 croquettes, 2 pieces of bread and a couple of sachets of Heinz mustard and I started to construct my lunch 🙂 Biting into the now bread and mustard surrounded croquette I had a mouthful of lava hot tasty goodness. The texture was a little weird, more liquid than solid, but the taste was good.

The beer selection was very good. I started with a Dutch De Koninck 2017 from Francke Brouwerij and then a couple of Kriek from the Belgian Brouwerij Lindemans. The Kriek was so refreshing I had a second.

For desert I had a good apple pie and cream.

Café “Marcella” was a really pleasant place to have lunch on a canal and had a decent menu of food and drinks.

Pavlov, Den Haag, The Netherlands

After Mingle Mush and a bit of a walk around Den Haag I’d popped onto Google Maps looking for a somewhere to have lunch and I noticed a place called Pavlov on Spui not too far away.

Walking in around noon I was one of the first patrons in for lunch and helped myself to a seat inside. Unbeknownst to me I could have sat outside on the patio and had a view of Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church).

The lunch menu is quite extensive, and I opted for the Beef burger with tomato onion chutney, pancetta and artisan fries accompanied by a bottle of Imperator, a Maibock / Heller (Helles) Bock by Dutch Koninklijke Brand Bierbrouwerij.

The beef burger was a good feed, very tasty and juicy.

The beer was run of the mill, but went well with the burger.

Heaps of things to explore on the menu if you are in Den Haag.