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Le Cafe Du Trocadero, Trocadero, Paris, France

To the north west of the Eiffel Tower, right on the Place Du Trocadero is a largish cafe called Le Cafe Du Trocadero. It’s got indoor, outdoor and upstairs seating.

The weather was mild on the day I visited, but still needed a jacket to sit outside.

Unfortunately the seats facing Place Du Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower were taken so I was shown to a small table on the side.

The menu is large and quite impressive with a diverse array of dishes. Prices aren’t cheap, but I guess this is a very touristy area.

For lunch I ordered the Creamy Risotto with Parmesan cheese, spring onion and leeks, along with a cafe creme to keep me warm.

My piping hot risotto was served in around 15 minutes and I must admit, despite the simplicity of the dish, it was really quite tasty. I’d call it a hearty lunch for a cool Paris Saturday.

Great food, absolutely superb location but I think a little pricey.

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La Cochonnaille, Saint-Michel, Paris, France

Close to the hotel was another restaurant I’d passed and wanted to try one dinner time. And this evening was the time.

Around 6pm on a Friday evening I was perusing the menu from the street and saw that La Cochonnaille offered a set menu for dinner.

The restaurant was already quite well patronised when I walked in but I was given a small table just inside the door out of the cold weather.

For my main course I chose Pork Fillet Mignon and for desert an Apple Tart. To drink I chose the French house wine from the Cotes Du Rhone.

The Pork Fillet Mignon, which is listed as a house specialty, was cooked superbly and tasted great.

The Apple Tart desert with ice cream and cream was a good finish to the meal.

A very decent French meal, and a restaurant I’ll make sure I visit again next time I visit Paris.

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The Bombardier, Paris, France

In the morning I’d gone on a Hemingway’s Paris walking tour hosted by Paris Walks. Highly recommended. As we were walking through the Latin Quarter hearing stories of Hemingway and Joyce amongst others, I was taking notes of potential places for lunch.

One bar, called The Bombardier, near the Pantheon and Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church took my fancy.

The Bombardier is a typical English pub and has a decent selection of English beers and food but I ordered the plat du jour which was a chicken wing salad which was decent for €12.

For desert I ordered a Chocolate Mousse which was the desert du jour.

The selection of beer was quite good and I ended up having 3 pints. A Courage Directors, which is a run of the mill bitter, then a McEwan’s Scotch Ale followed up by a Innis & Gunn Rum Finish / Rum Cask / Rum Aged which was the best beer of the day for me.

However, the service was unfortunately sub par. Midway through my meal I ordered another beer however the waitress just forgot about it, I had to follow up to get my drink.

And again later on, I’d ordered a fourth beer from the same waitress, and I waited, and waited, and waited. In the end I got sick of waiting and just went up to the bar to pay the bill, and there was the waitress watching videos on a laptop. Terrible service.

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Les Balkans, Saint-Michel, Paris, France

After walking probably 10km around Paris during the day I ended up back at Albe Hôtel and after a rest I decided to try another restaurant close by to the hotel for dinner.

Unfortunately I decided to eat at Les Balkans, right next door to the hotel.

I was earlyish so I didn’t expect too many people there, but I was the first, and only patron it would turn out, while I was there.

I ordered a salami pizza and a beer.

The pizza was very underwhelming. Not much flavour and quite oily.

What really turned me off was the lack of service. The waiter and the chef just stood at the bar talking. They didn’t notice that I had finished my beer so didn’t ask if I may want another.

After I finished my pizza, they didn’t notice, and I had to frantically wave to get their attention so I could pay and leave.

Do yourself a favour, avoid this place. There are so many decent restaurants within 100m where you will get great food and decent service.

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Castel Café, Paris, France

My first full day in Paris saw me wake up at a relatively sane time and after the continental buffet breakfast at Albe Hôtel I decided to go for a walk.

And walk I did, along the left bank of the Seine from St Michel to the Eiffel Tower, only straying from the river due to all the construction that’s taking place.

I went up the Eiffel Tower last time I was in Paris so I didn’t stop this time but just milled around, taking some pictures before deciding I was feeling a little peckish.

On the south side of the tower is Avenue de Suffren with a fair number of cafes.

As it was only around 11:00am lunch service wasn’t started yet so I opted for a 2nd breakfast.

Castel Café is your typical Parisian cafe with tables inside and on the footpath outside. As it was quite cold I chose a table inside but next to the window so I could see the world go past.

There is a breakfast special that gives you a juice, a coffee and pastries & bread for less than €10.

I think that this would be a great place to sit outside on a warm Paris summer evening.

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