Misoya, Nagano, Japan

After the big night the previous day where I started at the Leffe Bar, then ate at Terako Machi and continued on at James Nagano Beer Market I was running a little slow and only had a quick coffee in the morning at Beck’s.

I started getting peckish mid afternoon and I found a ramen restaurant rated as one of the best in Nagano just a 3 minutes walk away from my hotel in a little side street opposite the station.

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Terako Machi, Nagano, Japan

I first headed off to the Leffe Bar just after it opened and was the 2nd person there. I had a couple of beers but really wanted to head to a yakitori place that I’d walked past a couple of time.

I headed back towards the station and went into the restaurant for what would become one of my top 2 favorites evenings of my trip.

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Meijitei, Nagano Station MIDORI, Nagano, Japan

I’d made a lazy walk up the main drag of Nagano to Zenko-ji Temple before the temperature skyrocketed but walking back towards Nagano Station had me searching for the shadows due to the intense midday sun.

As I approached the station I jumped into the shopping mall adjacent to the station mostly to get some relief from the sun, but as I walked though I saw a good collections of restaurants up on the 3rd floor.

Towards the south end I noticed a tonkatsu restaurant that had a huge queue of people waiting… I wanted my pork schnitzel curry so walked up and got my name on the waiting list. I stood out like a sore thumb being the only westerner waiting.

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Beck’s Coffee Shop, Nagano, Japan

If you’ve arrived by the Shinkansen in Nagano then I can almost guarantee you’d have seen Beck’s even if you don’t remember it. Beck’s is the coffee shop next to the tourist information centre just across from the Shinkansen entry and exit gates.

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James Nagano Beer Market, Nagano, Japan

Central Nagano is relatively small and easily walkable as I was to find out.

I’d searched the internet and found a couple of small craft beer places in Nagano, and I headed out just after 5pm thinking I’d be up for a 15 minute walk or so, but after heading out from my hotel, crossing the road and walking about a minute I was standing just across the road from James Nagano Beer Market!

I headed up the stairs to find a couple of people already enjoying a beer and sat at the bar.

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