Le Bar Du Marché, Paris, France

After a morning walking tour around Le Marais with Paris Walks I headed over to Robert et Louise for lunch only to find that they weren’t open for lunch on Tuesday.

Dan, a Fedex pilot who I met on a couple of the walking tours, was with me so we decided to meander along to see what was open on this May Day holiday.

About a block from Robert et Louise we found Le Bar Du Marché, a typical french sidewalk restaurant.

Le Bar Du Marché, Paris, France

Paris still wasn’t warm, but it was warm enough that we were able to sit outside.

After much umming and ahhing I ordered the Duck Confit, Dan ordered the charcuterie plate.

To drink I ordered a half litre of Cote du Rhone. As Dan was scheduled to be flying that evening he had to watch me drink my wine while he drank water. He wasn’t overly happy with me 🙂

The meals arrived and I must say they were both magnificent. The duck was cooked superbly, almost falling off the bone. The charcuterie plate was huge, too much for one person, so I dug in after Dan was finished chowing down on great salami, prosciutto and other goodies.

A decent place for a lazy lunch.