Misoya, Nagano, Japan

After the big night the previous day where I started at the Leffe Bar, then ate at Terako Machi and continued on at James Nagano Beer Market I was running a little slow and only had a quick coffee in the morning at Beck’s.

I started getting peckish mid afternoon and I found a ramen restaurant rated as one of the best in Nagano just a 3 minutes walk away from my hotel in a little side street opposite the station.

Misoya, Nagano, Japan

I stood almost directly outside the restaurant while I tried to get a GPS fix and waited for my mobile data session to be reestablished as I didn’t quite know whether the place I wanted was on the ground floor (which is was) or in the building above.

The ramen as this restaurant was probably the best that I had during my trip. The broth was just sublime and the combination of flavors only enhanced the taste.

I almost ordered a second bowl!

A large Asahi helped me wash down my meal and I began to feel alive again.