La Luge, Saint Michel, Paris, France

For my final dinner in Paris before heading off to Amsterdam I wanted to dine at a French restaurant that had mostly good review so I chose the close by La Luge.

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Le Bar Du Marché, Paris, France

After a morning walking tour around Le Marais with Paris Walks I headed over to Robert et Louise for lunch only to find that they weren’t open for lunch on Tuesday.

Dan, a Fedex pilot who I met on a couple of the walking tours, was with me so we decided to meander along to see what was open on this May Day holiday.

About a block from Robert et Louise we found Le Bar Du Marché, a typical french sidewalk restaurant.

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Le Saint Séverin, Saint Michel, Paris, France

In Saint Michel you will see the name Severin everywhere… streets, a church, restaurants. Severin was a hermit who lived on the banks of the Seine and the current day Church of Saint-Séverin is built over his tomb.

After a big lunch, a couple of beers, and a crepe & wine for afternoon tea I wasn’t ready to venture out for dinner until quite late. So it wasn’t until about 8 that I stepped out into the cold and darkness to find a meal.

I’d originally planned on going to La Grange Saint Michel but that was boarded up tight. Further down the street was a restaurant that was packed so I had a quick look at the menu and decided to dine here. it is called Le Saint Séverin.

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Chez Suzette, Saint Michel, Paris, France

Some friends suggested I get a crepe at one of the copious number of Crêperies in the Saint Michel area.

Close to my hotel was Chez Suzette and that’s where I ended up.

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Corcoran’s Irish Pub, Saint Michel, Paris, France

In Saint Michel there’s an Irish bar called Corcoran’s Irish Pub. It’s part of a chain of 8 bars in Paris.

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