Brisbane Hilton, Brisbane, Australia

Now, this is a nice hotel. Well appointed, good location, good sized and clean rooms and Internet access that worked… everything that one needs for a week away from home for work.

The Brisbane Hilton is in the centre of Brisbane CBD and it was only a 10 minute walk to where I had to work down in the river.

The room had a great comfortable king sized bed ( I like to sprawl ) and I had some of the best sleeps I’ve ever had at  hotel.

I also had access to the Executive Club up on level 25 (I think it was 25) that offers a lounge where you can relax and have breakfast, as well as pre dinner drinks and nibbles. Although, I found that you didn’t actually need to order dinner after the nibbles as there was just so much food provided.

The lounge also offers great views of the city as well as the thunderstorms that descend on Brisbane at this time of the year.

Would I stay here again? Most definitely. This is a great hotel.