Crowne Plaza ANA Osaka, Osaka, Japan

This was my second stay at the Crowne Plaza ANA Osaka having stayed here 2 years ago.

The hotel is around 400 metres from Osaka station where you’ll probably arrive from Shin-Osaka station but luckily there’s a shuttle bus that runs half hourly or so between the station and the hotel. I can’t seem to find the shuttle bus on the English website, but there is one.

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Kushikatsu Daruma, Kitashinchi, Osaka, Japan

I was only in Osaka for a short time and I’d headed out of my hotel on my final evening with the intention of having Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) but the place I intended to eat at was fully booked so I started wandering around the Kita-ku area and found a place serving kushikatsu which is deep fried skewered crumbed meat and vegetables – think fried yakitori. I’d not tried Kushikatsu so I thought, why not.

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Beer Belly Tosabori, Osaka, Japan

After a 13 minute Sunday afternoon shinkansen trip from Shin-Kobe to Shin-Osaka followed by a local train to Osaka Station I’d settled into my hotel and was looking for somewhere for an afternoon beer and a meal.

A walk of 15 minutes had me outside Beer Belly in Tosabori pretty much at opening time. When I entered there was only one other patron.

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Crowne Plaza ANA Osaka, Osaka, Japan

After the Shinkansen trip from Nagoya to Shin-Osaka and then a local JR train to Osaka station, I was waiting for the Crowne Plaza shuttle bus for the short ride to the Crowne Plaza ANA Osaka in the Dojima area. Ten minutes later in the sweltering heat the bus pulled upto the hotel.

First impression was of a very nice hotel.

Location is OK, but as there’s a lot of offices in the area it’s a bit quiet on the weekend and most of the bars and restaurants in the surrounding streets are closed on the weekend but there are some real gems that were open. On a weekday though its a bustling area.

There are 4 train stations servicing several lines within a 5 to 7 minute walk of the hotel. It pelted down with rain one day I was there and it was a hard, very wet slog, to get to the station.

I didn’t eat in the hotel during my stay as I was able to find great food while I was exploring Osaka.

On my first evening I did have a beer in the hotel bar called The Library themed after, you guessed it, a library – books, chesterfields etc. No windows to the outside world so was a bit claustrophobic for my tastes.

An efficient hotel for the price I paid, great check-in, check-out and concierge services. Shuttle buses make a difference as well.