Beer Belly Tosabori, Osaka, Japan

After a 13 minute Sunday afternoon shinkansen trip from Shin-Kobe to Shin-Osaka followed by a local train to Osaka Station I’d settled into my hotel and was looking for somewhere for an afternoon beer and a meal.

A walk of 15 minutes had me outside Beer Belly in Tosabori pretty much at opening time. When I entered there was only one other patron.

Beer Belly Tosabori, Osaka, Japan

The bar is a great place and has seating for a total of about 30 people both at the bar and at a handful of tables. I was seated at the bar where I could look out onto the river.

There’s a very good selection of beers available on tap so I settled in to make an afternoon of it, and make an afternoon of it I did!

The pints that I tried during the afternoon and early evening were

All of the beers were very good, but there were 2 standouts the Minoh Stout and the Minoh W-IPA were extraordinarily good. Two of the best beers I’d drunk in a long while.

The short food menu looked good and I ordered the cheese burger which, while taking a while to arrive, was superbly cooked and tasted great.