Nagata-ya, Hiroshima, Japan

About 50 metres from the Atomic Bomb Hypocentre memorial is an okonomiyaki restaurant that always has a queue.

DSC03817 (August 14, 2017)

I stopped by this restaurant on my first visit to Hiroshima in 2015, back then I just walked in at lunch and was quickly seated and served.

My how times have changed! When ever I walked past, even before it opens at 11am, there was a queue.

So when I decided to visit for dinner I wanted to make sure that I got there before the dinner crush.

Walking around the corner my heart sunk as I saw a queue of around 25 people already waiting, in 35 degree heat, to get in. The queue moved slowly but surely and I was getting closer to the door. While I was in the queue I was given a menu, and was able to place my order.

About 25 minutes after I’d queued up I was ushered to a seat at the counter (the same seat I had in 2015) overlooking the huge hotplate where I would watch my Pork and Garlic okonomiyaki being crafted, and about 15 minutes later my okonomiyaki was placed in front of me and I dived in.

A pint of Asahi Super Dry was a welcome accompaniment after the long wait.

Once you taste your meal you will understand why there is a queue to get in. An absolutely magnificent meal that is worth the wait.

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