Terraces on Wickham, Brisbane, Australia

Well, its another week, therefore I must be traveling. OK, it’s not that bad anymore, but I am back in Brisbane this week.

The hotel this week is Terraces on Wickham on Wickham Terrace (the person that named this hotel was a genius) in the Brisbane CBD.

First impressions were a bit average as the hotel is currently undergoing renovations and you have to enter the foyer via a wooden ramp around the side, and the whole front of the hotel is boarded up but they can only make the place better.

The room is pretty standard but its nowhere near the quality of the rooms at the Hilton. Nevertheless, its nicely appointed with a couple of double beds, a small desk from which I am now writing this, and a rather nice flat LG screen TV on the wall.

Would I stay here again… maybe yes, maybe no. There are nicer hotels that would be the first choice.