Le Péry, Toulouse, France

After my drink at La Mécanique des Fluides I wandered around the area to see what was open for dinner and eventually came to Le Péry, a bar that was doing a roaring Saturday evening trade.

Le Péry, Toulouse, France

I settled into my seat, ordered a Grimbergen Ambrée and started to go through the menu, and a substantial and interesting menu it was of large, traditional pub dishes and smaller tapas plates.

One dish caught my eye. The mixed charcuterie plate of meats and cheeses along with gherkins and olives and a good serve of scrumptious bread.

When my food came out it was HUGE! Probably enough for 2, but I savoured every mouthful over the next 45 minutes or so and didn’t leave a crumb.

Le Péry would be a great place to eat and drink an afternoon away in the warmer weather.

As I was walking before dinner looking around for a place to eat a second riot squad trudged past with their armoured personel carrier… Saturdays in Toulouse can be entertaining.