Whitehart Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Whitehart Bar is on Whitehart Lane in the centre of the Melbourne CBD behind JB and Micheals Camera. It’s a newer container bar that has a non-smoking area downstairs and a smoking area upstairs.

Think of it as a more upmarket version of the original container bar Section 8.

If you like your beers you will like Whitehart, there is an ever changing selection of beers on tap from all over the world. There’s a fair chance that if you had a beer last week then it won’t be available this week.

Foodwise there used to be a selection of food truck that changed weekly parked in courtyard, but it looks like this has changed to a more permanent pizza kitchen. Pity really, the food trucks were good and the variety meant you didn’t get bored with the food on offer.

Whitehart is now really popular and I’d recommend that you give it a miss on a Friday evening unless you like queuing up for a drink. Monday to Thursday evenings are much more sane.