Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Raffles City, Singapore

I’m not one for paying the usurious dollars that hotels charge for breakfast so, on the very odd occasion I do have breakfast, I try to find a more reasonably priced option.

In the basement of Raffles City shopping centre in Singapore is a decent food court with many and varied eating options.

I had planned to head over to Bao Today at Marina Square but walking through the food court I decided to have a look at what the Nam Nam menu had to offer. I saw Pho on the menu and my mind went back to the great soups I’d had in Vietnam so thought I might as try the Pho here.

I ordered the old standard Beef Pho which, while not of the quality you’d get in Vietnam, was quite decent and reasonable in serving size. This came with a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk which was ok but nothing compared to the real Vietnamese coffee. Not too bad for the princely sum of SG$6.90.

I wanted to give the Chicken Pho a try so I had breakfast here a couple of days later before I was to fly home. It seems that there’s a different pricing structure on the weekend as I was charged extra for my coffee this time for a total cost of SG$12.90.

For the price it was a decent meal. I will eat here next time I go to Singapore.

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