Hekisuien, Okayama, Japan

I decided to make a quick day trip to Okayama around 88 kms away from Himeji by the shinkansen – a trip of 25 minutes.

I jumped on a tram towards Okayama Castle and made the short walk in the rain for a quick explore around the area.

DSC04395 (October 11, 2018)

I didn’t go into the castle, rather scouted around hoping for a break in the weather. As I was jumping from cover to cover I pulled out my phone and had a look for somewhere to eat.

There wasn’t much closeby but there was one cafe over a bridge just outside the gate of Okayama Korakuen.

Hekisuien was a small cafe / restaurant with both Japanese and European seating. I was lucky enough to grab a seat by the window overlooking the river and castle.

I ordered the Oyakodon – chicken and egg on rice. In the cold, wet weather it was warming and hearty meal.

To drink I ordered a Doppe Pilsner from Miyashita Sake Brewery which was a light, hoppy wheat beer.

Reasonably nice taste to it and I enjoyed just sitting there with this view.

IMG 20181011 120208
IMG 20181011 120208 (October 11, 2018)

While I was sitting there I was watching a fisherman repeatedly cast his hook into the river just under where I was sitting. What astounded me was that he was pulling out a fish every minute or so. He had a knack!

On a clearer day I could imagine sitting here and watching the world go by on the river for an afternoon.