NikuNiku, Melbourne, Australia

A Japenese restaurant opened up closeby a couple of years ago. I’d visited a couple of years ago and had some really decent yakitori so as I was out in town one evening I thought we might as well give it another try.

First thing I noticed when I walked in was that the yakitori grill was no longer there so I had a sense of foreboding and a quick look at the menu confirmed that they no longer did yakitori 🙁 .

We stayed regardless and had some really good dishes.

For starters we got a couple of serves of gyoza – one pork and one chicken, and they were very tasty.

We ordered a couple of mains to share. If you’ve read my Japan posts you’ll know I’m partial to a Japanese curry so when I saw chicken katsu curry on the menu it was duly ordered. The second dish was the kuro ramen.

The curry was very good, pretty close to what you’d get in Japan. The ramen was huge and while the taste was also good it’s hard to replicate the tastes of authentic ramen from the laneways of Tokyo.

But all in all, a pretty good dinner.