Masamune, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan

The last day of my 4th Japan trip had arrived and after popping into Bic Camera in Akasaka I strolled back towards my hotel and along the way I knew I’d be heading past a restaurant called Masamune which specialises in tonkatsu, crumbed pork cutlets.

I arrived around 11:45am on a Saturday morning and when I walked in the restaurant was almost full, just a couple of seats available. Within a couple of minutes those seats were taken and new arrivals had to queue up outside.

I ordered Masamune katsu kare set menu. It took about 20 minutes for my meal to arrive due to it being exceptionally busy and all the food being freshly cooked.

The food was superb. The pork cutlet was cooked perfectly, and the curry sauce was just sublime. Along with the curry came rice, cabbage, pickles and Japanese potato salad.

Once I started eating I knew why the place was full and people were queuing up to get in. There was such a great balance of flavors that made my final meal in Japan such a memory.

I recommend you visit, but get there pretty close to opening time if you don’t want to wait.