Curry Vault, Melbourne, Australia

It had been a little while since I’d been to the Curry Vault in Bank Place but having seen an episode of the Travel Channel show Food Paradise International (episode Hot & Spicy Paradise 2) that featured the Curry Vault’s Lamb Vindaloo I decided that I had to visit again.

The publicity must have worked as at dinner time on this Monday public holiday there were a fair few people already enjoying their meals when we arrived.

I mentioned the TV show when I ordered our beers and soon the owner was at our table talking with us about the show and the lamb vindaloo that was the topic of the show.

While I like spicy food, it can’t be over the top stupidly spicy. Luckily the lamb vindaloo can be ordered in a number of intensities. There was no way I was going to try what they had cooked on the show, so we went for a mild version.

Along with the vindaloo we ordered onion bhaji for starters and a chilli chicken for a 2nd main. We also got a couple of servings of rice and garlic naan.

The onion bhaji, and complimentary poppadoms, were dispatched is record time and then out came the mains. The smells of the spices were sublime and it was with trepidation that I tasted the vindaloo expecting my tongue to recoil in horror. I was pleasantly surprised by the mild spiciness and overall great taste.

The chilli chicken was mild as well which made for a great meal that you could actually taste rather than just assaulting your taste buds.

One starter, two mains, two naans and rice were just the perfect size for the 2 of us.

Curry Vault would have to be one of the better Indian Restaurants in Melbourne. If you are in the CBD then you should have a meal.

Urban Roti, Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

I’d been traipsing around the financial area of Singapore when lunchtime arrived. I was a block or so from Lau Pa Sat a huge hawker centre with probably 100 small food stalls selling every conceivable food under the sun.

I had an itch for Indian food and after having a quick look around settled upon Urban Roti. They offer a lunch special of Chicken Biryani but more importantly you can sit in an enclosed restaurant with air-conditioning!

The biryani was quite tasty. not as spicy as I have back home in Melbourne, but good nonetheless. And the size was just about right for lunch.

In all, a reasonable Indian meal if you’re in the area.

Curry Tiffin, Stanley, Hong Kong

I thoroughly recommend that you make the bus trip to Stanley on Hong Kong Island if you find yourself in Hong Kong and you love great indian food.

I stumbled across the restaurant about 4 years ago while I was exploring the back alleys of Stanley Market in Stanley and being a sucker for Indian food I had to give it a try.

I was so impressed that on each trip to Hong Kong since then I’ve had to make the trip out for lunch. I’ve even taken colleagues who I’ve been travelling with there and they were also suitably impressed.

My standard fare is the Onion Bhaji, a Vindaloo and garlic naan but anything on their menu is good! And the prices are very reasonable as well. So double win!

Also, the bus trip from either Tsim Sha Tsui or Central, which takes about an hour, is so immensely picturesque which makes the trip doubly enjoyable.

The Curry Tiffin have a website at

November 2014 update

Was back in Hong Kong for a quick break from work and again headed out to Stanley for lunch at Curry Tiffin.

Had a great feast of Onion Bhaji, Chicken Vindaloo, Keema Naan and rice, washed down with a couple of beers.

August 2015 update

Much sadness, Curry Tiffin is no more.