Chuckle Park Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Where else but Melbourne would you find an old caravan in a laneway in the centre of the city serving beers… welcome to Chuckle Park Bar.

Chuckle Park Bar, Melbourne, Australia

The beauty of Melbourne is that you will find all manner of quirky bars in the myriad of little laneways that wind through the city.

Fake green grass, plastic flowers and lanterns made out of jam jars makes for a quirky oasis metres from the hustle and bustle of Elizabeth Street.

Chuckle Park has been here for a while, under another name which escapes me, and they’ve always has a good beer menu.

This evening it was busy and we were lucky to get a table when one vacated but we had to be quick!

The tap beer is Mountain Goat Steam Ale which is an ok beer but the can menu is where the action is and is where you will want to end up.