Mamak, Melbourne, Australia

I first ate at Mamak in their Sydney Chinatown restaurant a good 10 years ago. They eventually opened a Melbourne restaurant which I’ve eaten at occassionally over the intervening years.

Mamak, Melbourne, Australia

The menu is traditional Malaysian with rotis, satays and currys.

This evening I ordered the kari ayam (chicken curry) with a side of rice while my friend ordered a nasi lemak with lamb. To share we ordered a dozen mixed satay sticks.

The satay sticks were just as you would get in asia, perfectly cooked and tasty. The peanut dipping sauce was also very good.

My curry had just about the perfect amount of spice to it, though I did avoid the large chili on top! The chicken was still soft and moist.

My mate scoffed down his nasi lemak and said it tasted great.

Mamak is a good location for a quick and tasty meal.