Mingle Mush, Den Haag, The Netherlands

I’d jumped on the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Den Haag (The Hague) Cantraal and arrived around 70 minutes later and true to form I turned right when I should have turned left as I exited the platform so ended up in the piazza in front of Mingle Mush.

While I got my bearings I sat down in the sun and was able to order a Kornuit, a pilsner, technically for breakfast.

As I was finishing my beer and looking at a map I worked out I was on the wrong side of the railway tracks so I finished my beer, went back through the station and headed into main part of Den Haag to explore for the day.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Mingle Mush is not just a single bar, rather it’s a food court of around 12 or 15 restaurants and bars. If I’d known this I would have stopped for a snack before I jumped back on the train to Amsterdam in the afternoon.

One thing I found interesting was that you can only pay via credit card, even for small purchases. This meant that I don’t end up with a pocket full of coins and there’s no chance of the establishment being robbed. Really cool.

Café Mooy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I was originally heading to the Beer Tasting Room In The Wildeman but, as I was to find out, they are closed on Sundays. Luckily, right across the narrow laneway was another bar called Café Mooy.

Café Mooy is an old fashioned / traditional Dutch bar serving a good selection of beers with both inside and outside seating areas.

I sat inside on one of the comfy leather seats by the window while I had a couple of beers.

Firstly I had an Affligem Blonde from the Belgian Affligem Brouwerij, a middle of the road blonde – light, smooth and fruity.

My second beer was Westmalle Trappist Tripel from Antwerp based Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle. This was a great tasting strong beer that I really enjoyed.

Café Mooy is a pleasant place for a Sunday afternoon beer.

Café ‘t Monumentje, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For Sunday brunch I headed into the western part of Amsterdam. The destination for my trek was Café ‘t Monumentje.

Café ‘t Monumentje is a cosy and quaint cafe that serves coffees, pastries and importantly local beers.

I settled in at the large table towards the back of the cafe with a stubby of Saison Brûût from the local Amsterdam Bruut Bier. It was a sour, fruity bitter beer that I liked very much.

My second beer was another local Amsterdam beer by Oedipus Brewing. The Mannenliefde was another Saison which has a spicy taste to it. A good, middle of the road saison.

I think the Saison Brûût was the better of the two beers but only by a small margin.

If you’re over in the western side of Amsterdam do yourself a favor and drop into Café ‘t Monumentje, you won’t be disappointed.

Cafe De Sluyswacht, Amsterdam, The Netherland

A magnificent building built in 1695 as the home for the sluice master who operated the sluice gates that still sit in the walls of the canal. Now the building is home to a bar.

On a warm day sitting on the terrace you can watch the boating traffic go by on one of Amsterdam’s busiest canals, and if you are there long enough you’ll inevitably see the Amsterdam equivalent of a traffic jam.

The beer selection at Cafe De Sluyswacht is superb. My tastings over a couple of days included

The Leffe Brune and the Tripel Karmeliet were the standout beers for me.

The Dutch meatballs were a tasty snack to accompany the beers.

If you’re in Amsterdam on a warm afternoon and are looking for somewhere to chill, Cafe De Sluyswacht should definitely be close to the top of your list.

Bar Langendijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After walking around East Amsterdam for a couple of hours I spotted a the De Gooyer windmill and headed towards it. There are a couple of bars in the shadows of the windmill so I knew I’d be able to get a drink.

The beer menu is large and has a good choice of Dutch and European beers on tap and in bottles.

During my 90 minute visit my beers were

I enjoyed the Duvel the most closely followed by Leffe Blonde. The Pale Ale was by no means bad, just not upto the standard of the other 2.

Certainly worth dropping in if you are in the area and want a bar that’s not overrun by tourists.