Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney, Australia

I’d attended a seminar at the Sydney Shangri-La before but never had the opportunity to stay here.

It’s in a sort of weird location right at the corner of the Cahill Expressway and the southern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. So close that my room window allowed me to almost look across the bridge in it’s entirety.

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Pier One Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia

This is a little out of the way gem of a hotel on Sydney Harbour. This hotel is built on one of Sydney’s old piers and uses the rustic form of the pier in the design of the building.

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Alfredo’s Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

In the laneway next to the Sydney Harbour Marriott is Alfredo’s Restaurant.

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Beer Deluxe, Sydney, Australia

At 7:30pm on a balmy Wednesday evening Beer Deluxe was heaving. Most of the tables were taken, luckily we were able to grab one of the very few empty tables.

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Opera Kitchen, Sydney, Australia

As the name suggest Opera Kitchen is a restaurant at the Sydney Opera House. It’s situated on the west side of the Opera House with an open dining area that looks out to Circular Quay, the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s an excellent location.

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