Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel, Sydney, Australia

In over a hundred trips to Sydney I’d never stayed at the Sydney Harbour Marriott. I’d stayed at the other Marriott up on College Street but wasn’t impressed – it is not longer a Marriott.

The¬†Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel was seen as the flagship Marriott in Sydney and it has a location that can’t be faulted.

Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel, Sydney, Australia

I don’t know how long this property has been the Marriott, atleast for 10 years from what I can guess, but you can see that it’s a little dated if you really look. Just little things like the odd missing light switch, the tiling in the bathroom that’s been repaired shoddily, or the quick gaffer tape fix that was applied to the bathroom sink that you can only see when you’re sitting on the loo.

But don’t get me wrong, overall it’s a very good hotel. Check-in and check-out are always efficient and courteous, as are the concierge staff.

InterContinental up the road is probably a slightly better hotel, but the Marriott is also a great place to stay.