De Nachtwacht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On the western side of Rembrandt Square is a steak restaurant called De Nachtwacht.

I visited on a Saturday evening around 6pm but was still able to get a seat out on the well patronised terrace.

I already knew I’d be ordering steak of some variety so when I saw a 300g Dutch black angus reb-eye on the menu I knew that’s what I would be eating. I also ordered a side dish of fries with mayonnaise.

While my steak was being cooked I drank a Heinken and devoured the bread with herb butter.

When the steak arrived it was absolutely perfectly cooked and oozing with taste. I’d made a good decision with this dish!

For dessert I had the chocolate truffle pie with walnut ice cream and caramel which was extraordinarily good.

Foodwise, you can’t fault this restaurant.

However, as the terrace got busier service became a bit slower… it was hard to grab someone’s attention to order a second beer, and it was difficult to get the bill at the end of my meal. The bill was also slightly wrong – I pointed out that they’d not added the second beer but they said not to worry about it.

I’d suggest you visit if you are a steak lover.