Pavlov, Den Haag, The Netherlands

After Mingle Mush and a bit of a walk around Den Haag I’d popped onto Google Maps looking for a somewhere to have lunch and I noticed a place called Pavlov on Spui not too far away.

Pavlov, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Walking in around noon I was one of the first patrons in for lunch and helped myself to a seat inside. Unbeknownst to me I could have sat outside on the patio and had a view of Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church).

The lunch menu is quite extensive, and I opted for the Beef burger with tomato onion chutney, pancetta and artisan fries accompanied by a bottle of Imperator, a Maibock / Heller (Helles) Bock by Dutch Koninklijke Brand Bierbrouwerij.

The beef burger was a good feed, very tasty and juicy.

The beer was run of the mill, but went well with the burger.

Heaps of things to explore on the menu if you are in Den Haag.