The Kathmandu Cottage, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne was slowly coming back to normal after a pretty quiet Christmas and New Year, and a mate and I had decided to catchup for a beer and dinner.

We started at The Drunken Poet near the Queen Victoria Market for a couple of medicinal Guinness’ and then we needed to find somewhere for dinner. We honed in on a place called The Kathmandu Cottage. Everytime I’d walked by I’d made a mental note to eat here and today was the day.

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Hakoya Izakaya, Melbourne, Australia

I’d tried eating here a couple of times but it was always booked out, so today as I walking with a mate to grab a drink I suggested that we pop in and try to book a table for dinner and managed to grab a table for 7:30.

And I’m glad we did as Hakoya Izakaya is one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve eaten in outside Japan.

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Benchwarmer, North Melbourne, Australia

With Melbourne in stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions looking at stage 4 over the next couple of days I thought it would be an opportune time to introduce you to a great bar, now operating as a bottle shop that offers delivery to the local area, that opened at the wrong time.

Benchwarmer is just northwest of the city near the corner of Victoria and Errol Streets around half a dozen stops out of the city on the 57 tram.

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