David’s Spicy Pot, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been to this interesting place a couple of times now.

David's Spicy Pot, Melbourne, Australia

Why do I think this place is interesting?

Well, it’s because when you walk in you grab a bowl and a pair of tongs and walk past an open fridge like you see on the dairy section of your local supermarket and pick what you would like to eat from the 50 or so ingedients on offer.

There’s lots of meats, from prime to offal, and lots of vegetables and noodles. If it takes your fancy you grab it and pop it into your bowl.

Once you’re done choosing you head to the register and you pay by weight. It’s around $32/kg.

You choose the soup you want and they then cook your dish for you.

About 10 minutes later your buzzer goes off and you can pick up your yummy concoction.

I like how this place works – it’s such a simple concept. Both times I’ve been here it’s been well patronised so they’ve hit on a good idea.

Beer selection is small with Asahi, Corona and Snow Beer.

Well worth a visit.