Father’s Office, Melbourne, Australia

Father’s Office in the QV building at the corner of Swanston and Little Lonsdale Streets, overlooking the forecourt of the State Library, has been one of my favorite places for a drink for a while.

Father's Office, Melbourne, Australia

On a summer’s afternoon the open deck area overlooking the forecourt of the adjacent State Library is buzzing. And it’s always entertaining watching the mornic car drivers who perch in front of the trams while parked across the intersection. I think the trams should be able to push these idiots out of the way!

The staff are dressed in 1920s/30s clothing giving the bar a speakeasy feel.

The beer taps change quite regularly so if you, like me, like to try new brews there’ll be something new to try on each visit.

The bar snacks are quite nice with the popcorn chicken, pork belly and roasted camembert always up to par.

There is a well patronised dining area as well with a pretty good menu and there are specials most days for lunch and dinner. For example, Wednesday evening is all you can eat chicken wings for a rather reasonable $22.

Thankfully the deck area is divided into two areas, one smoking and the other non-smoking, so you can enjoy your drink without a nip of lung cancer.