Toyoko INN Himeji Station, Himeji, Japan

Toyoko Inn is very much a Japanese salaryman’s hotel. No bells or whistles with simple but functional rooms.

I’d arrived from Kyoto around 2pm but was told I couldn’t check-in until 3 so left my bags and headed out to find a late lunch.

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Danshuu, Himeji, Japan

Back from Okayama and a couple of sakes at Kokoromi I was looking for a good final meal in Himeji before heading off to Kobe in the morning.

As I was walking to Public House Hosanna the previous evening I noticed a good number of restaurants to the south of the station area.

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Public House Hosanna, Himeji, Japan

Another hidden gem! A 10 minute walk south of Himeji Station is a small pub that has a great food and drink menu. It’s on the corner down the stairs.

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Kokoromi, Himeji, Japan

First thing I want to say is that this is the most absolutely superb place to visit if you wish to sample sake.

Kokoromi is situated under the shinkansen lines at Himeji station, south east side.

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Cafe Saintmaria Nagomi, Himeji, Japan

After visiting Himeji Castle and walking back down the main street towards the station I was looking for somewhere for a snack when I saw Nagomi Cafe.

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