Europe 2019 retrospective

For my Europe trip this year I decided to head off to southern France and bypass Paris altogether, and to finish off the trip with a couple of days relaxing in Amsterdam.

Overall the weather was pretty disappointing, most days were cloudy but not too much rain thankfully. Towards the end of May the weather started to get better with one day in Amsterdam being nice and warm (and I even got a bit of a tan!) but I think my next trip would need to be June (but need to avoid all the school holidays).

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Hotel ibis Bordeaux Centre Gare Saint Jean, Bordeaux, France

For my stay in Bordeaux I’d chosen to stay at Hotel ibis Bordeaux Centre Gare Saint Jean. One of half a dozen ibis’ in Bordeaux and around a 10 minute walk from Gare Saint Jean and the trams that will take you into central Bordeaux (it’s only 5 or 7 minutes on the tram).

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La Tanière, Bordeaux, France

After my beers at The Frog & Rosbif I ventured around the corner to a small restaurant called La Tanière.

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The Frog & Rosbif, Bordeaux, France

It was time for a pre dinner drink and maybe dinner so I headed back into the centre of Bordeaux and settled into The Frog & Rosbif. It’s a really nice pub in a 16th centrury women’s prison!

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Le 1925, Bordeaux, France

After a bit of a walk around Bordeaux it was time for lunch and as I was walking close to the Girondins Monument I saw a restaurant called Le 1925. A quick check online showed that it had a very good reputation, so in I went and was promplty seated.

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