Caffe Veloce, Hiroshima, Japan

I don’t normally have a sit down breakfast when I travel… usually opting for something quick from a Family Mart or 7-Eleven on my way to my first stop of the day.

But today, as I was walking down Rijo Dori towards Hiroshima Castle I popped into Caffe Veloce probably just 300 metres from my hotel.

Coffee can be hit and miss in Japan… I’ve had some really good ones, and some absolutely atrocious ones!

The Cafe Latte here was relatively good, certainly not Melbourne quality, but a reasonably good coffee.

To eat I grabbed a couple of pastries, an apple danish as well as a chocolate chunk scone (think a scone with chunks (bigger than chocolate chips) of chocolate mixed through). They were both pretty tasty I must admit!

Caffe Veloce is a chain, and though I saw other sites I didn’t go into them, but I am sure that Japanese efficiency will deliver the same experience whichever store you visit.